Roofing Technologies of the Future

High performance roofing systems are evolving. This applies to metal roof systems, traditional asphalt shingle roofs, roofing systems, waterproofing materials and coatings, as well ass roofing insulation. Many different components are coming together to create brand new roofing systems. This new system is self adhering and features secure bond technology. In rural areas, the impact of recycle asphalt shingles can be huge, especially for roofing in Milledgeville GA.

This new, futuristic roof system consists of your typical metal roof deck. Although this system uses metal, you can also use wood roof decking. On top of the is a regular insulation board. The layer above that is a vapor barrier with Polyslo insulation adhered to the barrier. The cover board sits atop that system and is completely covered by the roofing membrane which is fully adhered. So what is the new V Force vapor barrier? It is a class one vapor barrier which is typically used as a base layer under the decking. This acts as a temporary roof as you are building your building and this material can take ultra violet rays just fine. It is also self adhering which helps ensure that no water or air will get into your building. This material will even self- seal around each of your tiny fasteners that are securing your layers into place.

The next insulation layer is the polyslo insulation. It is a foam adhesive that used to apply the insulation and it has a low odor so you can use it on occupied buildings when you are reroofing an existing building. After the adhesive sets up a bit, the insulation boards should be weighted on top. This is the first layer of insulation required by code.

The Ultra ply TPO system is an innovative product new to the roofing industry. It is available in various thickness. The formulation has been improved to last over thirty years. This is called a singly-ply system and it is becoming increasingly more popular across the world.

The next innovation is designed for some of the most extreme roofing conditions. It is a self- adhering TPO that was actually launched a few years ago but the production staff could not keep up with the demand for it so it is just now being more commonly used across the world. This products had abilities that are not possibly with traditional roofing technologies. This product uses the newest self- adhering technologies. With older products, they were not quite sticky enough to be used on their own, so a primer layer had to be applied before the TPO later was installed. This used extra time and resources. Now, the new self adhering TPO will ensure that roof installations can be completed with fewer working hours and less unnecessary product. This is currently the strongest material on the market. It is especially popular is areas with cold temperatures where there is a very slim roofing season. The new TPO technology actually performs better as it gets colder which extends the roofing season by thirty to sixty days. This allows roofing companies to have a longer working season so they can be more profitable. This innovation has drastically changed the roofing industry, especially in more rural areas.