The Impact It Has On Rural America

Roofing technology has changed drastically over the past decade. With most technology being available in portable, smaller versions, it becomes more convenient to use on the go and in situations where you otherwise would not have thought to use it. It is not secret that technology is having a major impact on almost every facet of commercial real estate. The sector that might be benefitting most is the roofing industry. Large cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, and Atlanta have had modern roofing technologies in place for numerous years. It’s more rural towns, like Milledgeville, GA, for instance, where these roofing technologies are more recently being integrated into the industry, and this integration is having changing the way rural towns look at roofing.

With a continued dearth of laborers in the industry and high demand for projects, roofing technology is essential for more efficient and powerful work- from lead generation through job completion. This is especially important in rural cities like Milledgeville, GA where many roofs are old and have not been maintained properly. Roofers are forced to drive long distances to make repairs and install new roofs and their recent integration of new roofing technologies has made this process significantly more efficient for both the roofing company and the customer.

In the rural roofing industry, new roofing technology has changed the way Milledgeville, GA roofing companies generate leads. First and foremost, where there are leads, there is business to be had. For larger, commercial roofing companies, the most difficult part is finding viable leads on a regular basis. Aside from the standards- your website, marketing, referrals (these are especially key in Milledgeville, GA), and word of mouth- roofers in rural areas now have lead generation platforms at their fingertips. These platforms are used to search and identify properties based on the granular building level, sales, and owner characteristics. After identifying properties of interest, these new roofing platforms can be used to find the owners of each property along with their contact information. This gives small-town commercial roofers a leg up in their lead generation process while allowing for direct contact with decision makers.

roofer on the roof

The roofing companies in Milledgeville, GA have also seen the added benefit of time-saving mobile apps. For groups as agile as on-the-go roofers, the mobile revolution can be incredibly helpful when it comes to the paper work, emails, and minor tasks necessary for the job. Instead of having to physically visit every roof or spend long hours on paperwork, mobile apps allow roofers to do the following:

·        Measure building roofs

·        Share images and videos across the company

·        Build and share roof reports

·        Quickly send estimates to clients

·        Send invoices to clients

·        Generate leads

·        Find owner contact information on-demand

In the case that a roofing contractor spots a storm-damaged property while driving to another job, they can pull over and use one of the lead generation apps to search for the property, its owner, and their contact information.

Many of the previously mentioned apps are part of a larger movement within the technology and roofing industries. Having so many software tools available is one thing, but now roofers in Milledgeville, GA can easily interconnect to their entire ecosystem of software tools across desktop and mobile platforms so that their operations are primed for efficiency.  So many platforms are on the rise to help roofers connect and communicate with one another so that each step in creating and completing jobs is seamless and easy. Not only do the processes become faster, but the lag time in between different tasks is minimal.

One of the more exciting new roofing technologies available to roofers is drones. They are becoming common among roofers, not just for those using them for building inspections. With respect to local regulations, rural roofers can use drones to analyze and visualize buildings in ways previously not possible. This drone technology can be used in junction with many of their other platforms to easily communicate and share imagery and roofing details. In smaller commercial buildings, drones prevent the need for roofers to physically climb on a roof to take measurements, leading to less accident and risk. This is especially important in rural Milledgeville, GA, where health services are more difficult to access.