At EmailExpressDirect we pride ourselves in focusing on evolving technologies- predominantly through the roofing industry. This is any area that many of us in the industry have grown to know and love and we see the impact that it can have on rural America. Bridging the gap between technology and trade industries in rural areas is one of our strengths and research focuses. By doing do, EmailExpressDirect aims to continue to help businesses in these areas deliver quick and efficient solutions to their clients.

Like many new businesses, EmailExpressDirect started out of our owner’s basement nearly ten years ago. His focus was on helping the trade industries in the small town of Milledgeville, GA where he was born and raised. His father was an avid tradesman- he was a skilled in roofing, plumbing, and had even helped complete a few siding jobs around town. Growing up, our owner found himself on job sites with his dad, watching and helping out in any way he could. This gave him great appreciation for the skillset and labor required to do these types of jobs, but he always felt that small towns like his lacked the technology resources that were available to laborers in larger cities.

Upon graduating high school, our owner decided to pursue education in information systems and technology- something he had always had a passion for and he wanted to have the opportunity to use his newly learned skillset to aid local business where he grew up. With his new education under his belt, our owner decided to start ExpressDirect with a focus on aiding business in small town and helping them incorporate new and evolving technologies that may be relevant to their industry. Throughout his time at EmailExpressDirect, our owner has had the pleasure of serving a variety of roofing, siding, plumbing, and landscaping organizations throughout the southeast. This had enabled his clients to have clearer, more direct communications with their clients and it allows them to find and complete jobs much more efficiently.

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